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Sepsis Scenario (CUSP)

Written by Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Programme
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For the Participant: You are the FY1 Doctor covering the acute medical wards. The nurse in charge of Ward C4 has called you to assess her patient who she feels is unwell. Please take a handover.

For the Facilitator: Cold sepsis from catheter associated UTI. Hypovolemic and slightly under oxygenated on 28%. Good SpO2 readings once on 40% Venturi and fluid resuscitated. If fluid management is not very tight, patient will be tipped into pulmonary oedema on account of CHF.

Additional Info

  • Author(s): Dan Jafferji Alan Campbell
  • Target Audience: Medical Students
  • Fidelity: Low
  • Consultant Validated?: Yes
  • If Yes, please enter consultant's name (once permission gained): Dr R Kendall
  • Licence - the licence under which this work is licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • Learning Objectives: Identification of sepsis and Sepsis 6 based management. Situational awareness - moving patients to areas with appropriate level of monitoring, documentation errors Decision making - holding fluids on onset of pulmonary oedema Senior medical students, acting as FY
  • Setting: Emergency Department
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